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Announcing the Spring 2017 Review Series!

Since 2008 we have tried to pass on what we think of as a storehouse of essential Irish music and stories, learned through our association with an earlier generation of Irish musicians who generously shepherded us along over the years. 

We hope that our classes have offered a toolbox for Vermont players to reach into when they are in an Irish session, either in Vermont or far from home. 

Our goal for the Spring 2017 Review Series is twofold:

1. To introduce players newer to the Irish scene to some of the essential and basic repertoire which we have taught in the past and which has become part of the Vermont session scene.

2. To give more experienced players the opportunity to review important tunes which didn’t creep into their playing for one reason or another, but which they are now ready to tackle.

As we have done recently, the class will be divided into several groups, depending on which tunes the students have had the time and inclination to work on in a given week.  

Dates:  Six Wednesday evenings, April 12th through May 17th 

Time: 7:15-8:45 pm

Location: Waterbury Congregational Church, 8 North Main St., Waterbury, VT

Tuition: $150 paid to VSITM at the first class.

(Musicians 18 years and under are taught for free, and partial tuition breaks are also available).

Proficiency:  All students should have some command of their melody instrument (fiddle, flute, concertina, harp, pipes, accordion, tin whistle, tenor banjo), even if they are new to Irish music.

To register:  No later than one week before classes begin, register by e-mail to benedictandhilari@gmail.com

​We want to thank all of the wonderful local musicians who have devoted their time and energy to learning this heart-lifting music.

You continue to inspire us!  Feel free to e-mail us with questions or suggestions.

Keep it going!

Benedict and Hilari

A note about out-of-state students:  We have occasionally offered the class to musicians who do not live in Vermont upon request.  The word has gotten out and now we find that we are getting many requests from out of state musicians who want to join us online.  We are currently grappling with this unexpected development and until we can get that sorted out we feel that we can offer no more than 5 slots to “distance” students.  Please contact us immediately if you are interested.

http://www.vermontirishtrad. com


Catamount Celtic Jam 2017


Byrne and Kelly–The Echoes Tour–Burlington, Vermont


Irish History and Heritage tour with Dr. Gearóid ÓhAllmhuráin

Our friend, the noted scholar and musician, Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin, will be offering a 10-day tour of Ireland next August. Honestly, we can think of no better person to accompany you to Ireland, and we expect that this tour will fill up quickly. See Celtic Crossings for more information.